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Happy Independence Day, Eritrea! On this day, the nation of Eritrea celebrates its 25th year of independence! As a country of six million, Eritrea is

On this day Togo celebrates its 56th anniversary of independence! Home to a population of seven million, Togo is one of the smallest and

Today, April 27th, Applause Africa celebrates with South Africa!   Twenty-two years ago on this day, South Africa shed the shackles of colonialism and white minority domination

Applause Africa salutes Zimbabwe! Formerly and territorially known as the Republic of Rhodesia, today the country celebrates the 36th anniversary of independence from the United

Applause Africa celebrates the vibrant and colorful nation of Senegal today on their 56th year of independence from French colonial rule. Renowned for their griots,

Obed Emvula, chairman of the government-run Namibia Film Commission, is the man responsible for getting Namibia’s name mentioned in the 2016 Oscars so frequently.

Happy 60th Independence Day to Tunisia! The North African country was invaded and colonized by the French in the late 1800's, but gained its

The name Cameroon was derived from the Portuguese phrase “Rio dos Camaroes” meaning River of Prawns. After the struggle for power between the Portuguese, German,

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