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Johannesburg, South Africa. Pearl works in the diversity management and employee wellness sector in the public service. she loves traveling and learning to ask for food in as many languages as she can, just in case.

On the streets of Pretoria and Johannesburg, young women in jeans, stilettos and corporate suits are increasingly wrapping up with colourful head-wraps, twisted and


Today, April 27th, Applause Africa celebrates with South Africa!   Twenty-two years ago on this day, South Africa shed the shackles of colonialism and white minority domination


Thousands of fans flocked to the "Mother City" this past week to revel in the magic of the African Continent's biggest music gathering; the

South African students protest racism and exorbitant university fees

The #TakeonRacism online platform continues to facilitate sharing of stories and ideas to contribute to the non-racist society envisaged by the late President Nelson


A true chick-flick HIAFLW portrays modern African women, who are struggling to balance careers, relationships and love while trying to maintain an image of