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Ademidun Adejobi is a graduate student of English with a focus on minority literature. She believes in the importance of stories as a way to empower the underrepresented and give a voice to identities that lie outside of the tradition. She is an Editor and writer with Applause Africa.

Happy Independence Day, Eritrea! On this day, the nation of Eritrea celebrates its 25th year of independence! As a country of six million, Eritrea is

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna

When news broke that Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna gained acceptance into all eight Ivy League schools, the internet went crazy celebrating Nigerian excellence. We now know that her


The influential nature of fashion in our world is indisputable. It is one of the prominent artistic mediums in which the ordinary can be

On this day Togo celebrates its 56th anniversary of independence! Home to a population of seven million, Togo is among the beautiful countries located