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Insecure Season 2 Episode 7- Hella Disrespectful

Every episode of Insecure is jam packed with great moments that have us laughing, gasping, holding your breath, and in your feelings by the end. As we watch the second to last episode perfectly titled

Every episode of Insecure is jam packed with great moments that have us laughing, gasping, holding your breath, and in your feelings by the end. As we watch the second to last episode perfectly titled Hella Disrespect I thought I’d break down some of the most disrespectful parts of the episode.


Lawrence acting like he’s just kickin’ it with Aparna

When asked by colleagues what he did during the weekend he said his allergies had him at home. They quickly let him know that Aparna told them about their movie date. He plays it off like it was nothing, and they were just friends when confronted by coworkers. She clearly made it seem like it was potentially something more, but saves face after his comments.


Inviting Aparna to the private dinner party

This is another instance when Lawrence is being a f’boy that thinks he’s a nice guy. Why did he invite her, and why did she agree to go. He’s being messy, but playing it off like, “oh I didn’t know.” I’m not buying it. If nothing else he know why he’s invited- as pointed out at the table he is only in the mix because of Issa- those are her friends. If he was going to come he could’ve at least had the decency to show up alone.


Molly re-gifting the Garrett’s popcorn

The poor decision making Molly we remember from last season has resurrected in full effect. Dro has her open and acting a fool for him. Her eyes tell it all, but regifting the popcorn Garrett’s popcorn Quintin gave her was moreso triflin than disrespectful. At that point I knew was back to being desperate and maybe even dick-matized. Then she had the nerve to use what Quintin said on Dro to get him to try the popcorn. She quickly gets brought back to reality when he mentions he and Candice being at the dinner party Tiffany is throwing.  


Mr. Gaines response to Issa

Issa finally steps up and realizes that Mr. Gaines is keeping the latino students from joining We Got Ya’ll after talking to one of the students on the bus. She talks to Freida about it, and implement a plan to be more inclusive. Seeing Mr. Gaines she gets the balls to call him out.


She blatantly says, “you’re excluding the hispanic kids in the school,” after he’s basically like whatever you can include the taco meat if you want to, sarcastically All Lives Matters her, and walks away. That’s when he turns around and tells her to relax, “nobody died,” and laughs.


Daniel telling Issa they’re even now

Daniel finally calls to apologize for coming on her face and begs for her forgiveness. She’s receptive to it, and even becomes a little vulnerable telling him how she felt embarrassed and how she thought they were better than that. All is well until he says, “I guess we’re even now.”


It was too soon for him to throw what happened last season in her face. TOO SOON, DANIEL!!! She goes off on him and calls him petty- rightfully so. She never wants to speak to him again and even throws her phone down. Once she’s in the car with her brother mad he asked why. Her response, “niggaz.”


Molly following Dro to the bathroom

She follow him smoothly after he leaves the table alone to talk. Then next thing we know they’re having sex in the bathroom while his wife is out at the table having dinner and keke’n with everyone else. She knew it was wrong when he tells her to wait a little bit after he leaves to come out. Then when she finally walks out the bathroom Issa is there to fix her dress and bangs. She has officially become his puppy dog after that moment. As if giving him a set of keys to her apartment wasn’t enough.


Luckily, she’s brave enough to say no more by the end of the episode. The conversation with her mother (finally) definitely helped. Realizing she was disrespecting herself and what she wanted gave her the strength to turn this thing called her life… for now.


Issa’s brother not giving Kelli the butter

In the midst of everything that happened, is going to happen, and is happening Kelli and Issa’s brother disdain for each other is more petty than disrespectful. Nonetheless, he could’ve just passed the butter per Kelli’s request.


Kelli’s entire existence at the party

Kelli is hilarious, but disrespectful at the same time. From telling people her sweetie’s jacket was from the women’s department to mixing Judaism with Islam, and mixing the two drinks named after Tiffany and Derrick. She said the drink was disgusting but like the two of them having sex. LOL. Then, she insults Tiffany for having carrot cake for dessert- she had a valid point though.


The argument between Issa and Lawrence outside the restaurant

Lawrence was really feeling himself that night. He had the audacity to call Issa a ho and question her character after she took care of him for two years while he sat on the couch depressed about Woot Woot. Issa got in a couple of jabs too, but by the end of it all she was TKO.


She took too many hits throughout the day, and during the dinner. Once her and Lawrence met up on the sidewalk she gave her best by calling him out for sleeping with her and Tasha, blocking her on Facebook, and his failed app dreams, but it boiled over once she got home. Lawrence did what he does best and brings some poor girl (Aparna) into his life. They go for drinks, but he should’ve gone home. He makes poor emotional decisions.


The rent increase notice on Issa’s apartment door

As if her day wasn’t shitty enough Issa comes home after dinner to a letter on her door. The letter says that the rent is increasing. She walks in her apartment with the fire stain on the ceiling still, the apartment her and Lawrence once lived in together and just goes off. She kicks the chair, throws the wine, and turns over the table. That letter was the straw that broke the camel’s back in that moment. She destroys her place.


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