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Insecure Season 2 Episode 6: Hella Blows

Another week of Insecure and we’re left confused, disappointed, and wondering if these characters will ever get their lives together. Lawrence by far was the least interesting part of the episode, but seems to be

Another week of Insecure and we’re left confused, disappointed, and wondering if these characters will ever get their lives together. Lawrence by far was the least interesting part of the episode, but seems to be growing in his personal and professional development.


Apparently, I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand his Woot Woot app- his job didn’t either. But they still left him feeling confident until his female co-worker bust his bubble and helped him see the reality of the situation. He didn’t believe her initially, but after going back to the guys he presented to and getting told to work on Lawrence 2.0 things became clear to him. It was good to see him go back and admit she was right. They had a cute bonding moment, maybe even a spark together.


This was a difficult episode to watch as Issa’s life falls apart (again). It seemed like she was just getting the hang of everything then she crashes her car the last episode. At the mechanic with Molly she is told its going to cost $5,500 to fix her car (no dick pic is ever worth that much money).


Hoeing isn’t really her things and throughout the episode we see this more than ever. Her social and emotional intelligence leaves a lot to be desired. After catching the bus home from work she text Daniel, but after leaving her on read for some time he says he’s busy working in the studio. In an effort to have sex that night she gets dressed, hypes herself up in the mirror (as usual), https://applauseafrica.com/2018/02/22/the-pandora-jewelry-industry-which-also-sells-necklaces/ and heads downstairs to Eddie aka neighbor bae’s apartment after seeing his light on. She doesn’t call, text, or make any kind of arrangement before showing up.


He’s confused when he answers the door because you don’t just show up at someone’s door unannounced. Neighbor bae already had a girl over, but admits he would’ve cancelled his guest had she made an appointment first then closes the door in her face. What a hard lesson to learn.


You sloppy ass young nigga, you gon’ do me like that, I’m over here serving you my finest and you gon’ send my shit back, I can cry right now I’m so embarrassed and mad, I hope you can’t get it up and her pussy is TRASH!


The next day she is talking to Molly about her frustration and how she basically expects dick on demand at all time. That’s not how it works, and Molly sarcastically checks her on it while waiting in the drive-thru at Astro Burger after leaving the mechanic. Then Issa plots on Latin bae, Nico, for the night. She’s not interested in dating him- just sex.


That plan doesn’t work out so well either. When he comes to pick her up for dinner she has on this ridiculous short skirt on with a black top pulled down to see her bra. Is she 19 or 29? A very awkward scene to watch. As she pushes herself on him in her apartment he makes it clear that he really wants to get to know her. Finally, after making it clear his intentions he asks her is she still wants to go to dinner. In frustration she says no, and he leaves.


In the midst of all her dating woes Issa, Molly, Kelli, and Tiffany go to a Sexplosion conference and end up discussing giving oral sex to their partner. Surprisingly, Tiffany is the only one who enjoys it, and the others, especially Issa are not really here for it. Tiffany makes this very general, untrue comment about black women not giving head is the reason they aren’t married, and notes she’s “Becky with the good ring,” as she shows off her ring finger. Molly tells Tiffany to “shut your light skinned ass up” and Issa attributes her love for giving head to going to school with white girls. I’m confused how someone is in a five year relationship, living together, and never performed oral sex. Tiffany signs them up to take a class on performing on their man.


When Issa sees Daniel again she put what she learned into practice. Daniel is enjoying it so much that he comes on Issa’s face, and she freaks out in disbelief. She wipes her face with his shirt, pushes him away, and leaves to catch a ride share. It ends with the driver saying, “Issa carpool,” about her name and the white girl next to her requesting black music on the radio. How does Issa bounce back from all these L’s right now?


Molly is struggling with her relationship with Dro now that they’ve had sex. This is the guy that she’s been friends with since childhood, and even took her to prom. He assures her there’s nothing to worry about, but she isn’t buying it at first and wants to make the first time the last. But when they meet up at a bar to watch the Los Angeles Lakers game they talk about it. Next thing you see it his naked butt and hear Molly moaning.


Laying in the bed naked, caressing each other’s hand she asks him how it all works being in an open relationship. He dodges a couple of questions, but basically she can date whoever she wants, he’s only seeing her and his wife, and his wife knows about it. Apparently his wife suggested the open marriage first. I’m not really buying all of this.


You can see in Molly’s eyes she’s catching feelings. A couple of nights later she and Dro are at a hotel, she’s in the bathtub and he’s sitting on the edge naked as they begin their rendezvous for the night. Just as he’s starting to hit the spot he gets a text from his wife that she’s locked out of the house. He has to leave, but tells her to stay since the room is paid for and the food they ordered is on the way. The reality of his relationship status and their relationship becomes real to Molly. Not sure how much longer this will work for her.

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