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Insecure Season 2 Episode 5: Hella Shook

This episode started off hot and ended hot n heavy, but we’ll get to that. After, being used and tossed to the side Lawrence is yearning for Issa again, especially since Tasha is no longer

This episode started off hot and ended hot n heavy, but we’ll get to that. After, being used and tossed to the side Lawrence is yearning for Issa again, especially since Tasha is no longer around to validate him. Issa is in full ho phase with no sight of slowing down anytime soon. Then we have Molly confused as her ideals about love, marriage, and relationships get completely shattered.

The episode opens up with Issa on her way somewhere, and eventually knocking on someone’s door. The door opens and its… Daniel! He grabs her by the waist, pulls her in for a kiss and just like that the door closes. Throughout the episode it appears that Daniel and Issa are a thing between her wide smile and giggles every time he text her, him inviting her over every night, and the way they embrace so passionately. They have this undeniable chemistry, even when she’s preparing to leave his place (because its not proper ho etiquette to spend the night) they joke and go with the flow. But Issa is also continuing to build a roster of men for her hotation.

Issa still has neighbor bae and now Daniel, but is excited to add Latin bae to the roster. She blows off Daniel to go on a date with Latin bae to potentially sleep with him. The date goes well and last until midnight, but he declines continuing the night because he has an early flight. The next day Issa apologizes to Daniel, and he says she can come over tonight to make it up. Later in the day, she gets caught trying to take a picture of her boobs for neighbor bae in the company bathroom during a Saturday work retreat. If that wasn’t enough she’s messaging potential bae while driving and gets into an accident when he sends her a surprising dick pic. Her airbag pops out and everything.

She calls Daniel to let him know what happened and that she won’t be able to see him that night. Daniel being the guy he is insist on picking her up and taking her home (or back to his place). He arrives looking genuinely concerned and hugs her intimately. Issa realizes he might just have feelings. This is not good for her hotation and personal “fuck feelings” relationship mantra at the moment.

“We’re cool, right? I was really glad we reconnected, but I know I’m out there, you’re out there, and we’re both seeing other people, right?”

Lawrence on the other hand, doesn’t really have any game and messed up things with the one person in his hotation- Tasha. This leaves him in his feelings. During jury duty he falls down the social media stalking rabbit hole and sees that Issa and Daniel are together in a picture on Kelli’s Facebook page from Kiss n Grind. He’s so into it that he’s dismissed from jury duty and doesn’t even hear them tell him to leave.

He meets up with Tiffany’s husband to find out more information and complains about Issa being with Daniel still, but what he gets is a dose of reality. Hand clap for black men holding other black men accountable. His friend lets him know he played a part in Issa cheating due to him being unemployed on the couch for two years letting her take care of him. We’re left with Lawrence sitting in his new apartment at a card table with his huge desktop computer, drinking and looking at Issa’s Facebook profile. Its funny how the tables turn.

Molly is all over the place this episode. She starts the episode working at her law firm’s Chicago office talking to her black college, played by Lil Rel, about possibly moving to Chicago or even working for a better law firm. She’s still not so sure about what he’s saying, but its a seed planted after finding out how much her white male coworker makes compare to her.

Next she’s preparing flowers for her parent’s 35th anniversary/vow renewal and brings up going to Morocco to Issa again, but Issa isn’t down with the trip. After, Dro blew her mind with the news of his open marriage, her parent’s marriage is the only thing she has left to hold on to for #relationshipgoal. The next day she’s unloading the flowers at her parent’s house when Dro appear, and we find out they grew up across the street from each other.

They talk about their conversation at Kiss N Grind, and Molly tries to blame it on the alcohol, but Dro makes it clear he was fully aware of what they discussed. She lets him know that sleeping with a married man isn’t what she wants for her life. https://applauseafrica.com/2018/02/22/the-pandora-jewelry-industry-which-also-sells-necklaces/ They agree to always be friends and move on to his shirt being extra tight on him.

We see her interact with her parents and two brothers as they continue to prepare throughout the day. As the day goes on we see Linell is Molly’s date for the occasion, and it couldn’t be clearer that they have no chemistry. Even her brother had to pull her to the side and let her know this isn’t the one for her even though he looks good on paper.  She tries to throw the fact that he married a stripper in his face, but he makes it clear he loves his wife (even though he states that he was trapped into it).

Everything comes to a head when her messy aunt says, “We didn’t think your parents were gonna make it to 5 years let alone 35… what was that waitress’ name?” Revealing that Molly’s father cheated on her mom back in the day, and their marriage wasn’t so perfect. She explodes into a tirade about it yelling and screaming to her brother (who knew) for answers when her parents walk in. They let her know its true, and she questions why her mom stayed, “it was a mistake a long time ago,” she mom replies. That wasn’t good enough so Molly leaves crying and Dro follows behind her and drives her home (in her car).

She feels stupid that the one relationship she looked to for hope wasn’t real. Dro is a listening ear with his open marriage having self. Once he gets her home she pulls him upstairs before he could call a Lyft. Next thing we see is the two of them getting it in, his naked butt and long legs going up and down on top of her.

Molly leaves us wondering what will happen now that she’s slept with her married friend that claims he’s in an open relationship. Can’t wait to see if Lawrence finally reaches out to Issa and who Issa adds to the hotation next week.

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