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Insecure Season 2 Episode 4: Hella LA

There is nothing like the rush of confidence you feel when you finally start getting your groove back – you’re looking good, feeling great, at the top of the food chain living your best life.

There is nothing like the rush of confidence you feel when you finally start getting your groove back – you’re looking good, feeling great, at the top of the food chain living your best life. That’s kind of where Lawrence and Issa were at when season 2, episode 4 started out.


Lawrence, newly detangled from Tasha’s talons, was getting ready for a boys night out with (sleazy) Chad when he finds himself in a scenario straight out of a Ron Jeremy film. 


Thanks to a tense traffic stop on the way to the grocery store, he misplaces his credit card and finds himself penniless at the supermarket checkout. Two young white women offer to pay for him and after much flirting convince him to ditch his boy and hang out with them instead. Well, as you can imagine, they didn’t invite him over to play cards.  But the steamy sex scene is interrupted when it becomes clear to Lawrence these girls were sexually objectifying his “blackness.” Torn between the idea that he SHOULD be playing the field and his true self, someone who liked being in his 5 + year relationship, Lawrence finds himself in front of The Dunes, presumably contemplating, maybe even the slightest, going back to Issa – or at least wishing he could have it all back.


Similarly, Issa started off the episode with a newfound confidence from all the love she had been receiving. She had neighbor-bae whom she hooked up with last episode and now there was cat-bae (Felix), a guy she met on a dating app whom she was going to meet face-to-face at Kiss and Grind, a party she was going to with Molly and Kelly.


Hype as she was, Issa was even planning her escape route from Felix incase there was a lot of eye candy at the party. Well, lets just say, things didn’t actually turn out the way she imagined. For starters, 5 minutes into the party, she runs into none-other than Daniel King, her kryptonite.


The same Daniel that may not have been the cause but definitely a major factor in her relationship crumbling to pieces. The same Daniel she left high and dry after he expressed wanting more from her. The same Daniel that we all love to look at… In any case, his presence knocked Issa off her confidence high. Even when she tried to be the bigger person and approach him, her awkwardness came out in full force, leaving her even more self-conscious than normal.


To make matters worse, when she finally met up with Felix, he was not that impressed with real-life Issa as he was with online Issa, talk about a blow to the ego. BUT… call it destiny or great writing, by the end of this disastrous night the girls end up at the local eatery where Issa bumps into Daniel again. While Kelly and her new “sweetie” get inappropriate under the table they lock eyes and bond in disbelieve. He text her from his table while looking at each other, and Issa gets up and takes her food to sit with him.They fall back into their old selves.


I’m praying to the T.V. Gods this means a new budding romance. Now, this may be controversial but I’ve always been #TeamDaniel and probably the right guy for Issa.


In other interesting news, Molly is having a different kind of dilemma all together. If you remember, she had been idolizing her childhood friend Dro’s marriage and wishing she could find something similar. She was holding his relationship as the standard of what could be possible once you don’t settle and actually find love.


Ironically, Molly gets a glimpse of what’s really going on with Dro at the Kiss and Grind party. Everything she had romanticized about his perfect marriage came crumbling down when he hits on her and explains that him and Candace have an open marriage. This threw everyone for a loop because 1. there goes the dream, and 2. as Issa put it, “I thought that was some white people s*@!?”


What’s hard about this situation is that there is genuine chemistry between Molly and Dro. And while Molly toys with the idea for a split second when Dro asks if she wants company at the end of the night, she knows deep down inside if she follows through, she would be giving up on the belief of the type of relationship she really wants, and that in itself is unsettling.


With Daniel’s (glorious) return, Lawrence’s sexcapade, and Molly’s potential alternative love-life, there was A LOT going on in this episode. Not to mention, Kelly was getting it in at the Kiss and Grind party and after party. There are so many ways the story can go. Will Lawrence ask Issa back? Will Molly give in to Dro and be the other woman? Will we get another too-hot-for-tv “studio session” from Issa and Daniel? I think I can speak for all of us when I say I will be sitting anxiously until the next episode.

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