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Insecure Season 2 Episode 3: Hella Open

Last week’s emotional roller coaster led to some pretty real decisions being made by Molly, Issa, and Lawrence. This week, we pick up with our favorite protagonists trying to test out their new lives with

Last week’s emotional roller coaster led to some pretty real decisions being made by Molly, Issa, and Lawrence. This week, we pick up with our favorite protagonists trying to test out their new lives with varying degrees of success.


One of my favorite things about Insecure is that Issa’s unapologetic awkwardness is so relatable that viewers can’t help but physically react with “oooohhh,” “ssssss,” or “no girl noooo,” every time she puts her foot in her mouth and ruins the mood. Episode 3 Hella Open was no exception. In fact, most of Issa storyline in this episode revolved around her awkwardly trying to reclaim her life and navigate her way into a “ho phase”, which she admittedly missed out on because of her relationship with Lawrence.


The show starts off with her tongue wrestling with a handsome tinder date (singer/songwriter Luke James) in what we think is finally the moment that she’s going to get her groove back. But just as things start to heat up, it all goes awry when she erupts in uncontrollable schoolgirl giggling every time his lips come near hers. Obviously unless you are R.Kelly (too soon?) this is a huge turn-off and the dude is more than over it.  The best she can do is mumble her way out of his apartment, sex-less, awkward, and alone once again.


Meanwhile, Molly seems to be happy at work under her new female boss in Chicago, but it seems she’s put a pause on therapy, convinced that its not doing much for her. Instead of focusing on herself, she agrees to teach Issa how to “ho” even though there has been nothing but crickets in her love life for a few months. They go to the club and while Issa is doing her awkward girl shuffle, Molly gets the attention of a tall, dark, and handsome gentleman with whom she agrees to go on a date. But poor Issa ends up repelling every guy she tries to talk to. Was I the only one who had to look away when she told the man who works in construction that he must be good with his drill?? Erghh girl stop!  


Later, Molly goes to brunch with her new potential beau, Lionel, and realizes that he checks every box she always wanted: looking for commitment, successful, funny, and fine as hell. Has the universe finally delivered when she wasn’t even looking? Oddly, no. Despite his good-on-paper credentials, she admits to Issa that there is something missing she can’t put her finger on. Especially after running into a couple she knows at the cupcake shop, she felt no spark between her and Lionel. Issa points out that in fact he sounds much like Molly did just three months ago (last season) when she was eagerly trying to check off boxes on her perfect life list. It dawned on Molly how much this energy is a turn off for the other party. Unfortunately for Lionel, Molly has learned her lesson and turns down a chance to see him again at a SZA concert (girl, what?!).  


And good ol’ Lawrence is also busy learning lessons in this episode. After deciding to drop Issa for good, he settled into a sort of comfortable routine with Tasha. He agrees to help pick-up some chairs for her family BBQ and even turns down a work-party with some of his colleagues.


Now, I already knew this was a bad idea – cardinal rule #16: Never attend family functions/meet the family without having the “what are we” conversation. But go he did, and the minute he got to the event, it was all but written on his face that this was not what he wanted. Maybe it was the loud cousin, the Bebe’s kids running around, or the girl twerking while playing a flute, but Lawrence had a moment of clarity- him and Tasha’s worlds just don’t mesh well together. He tells her he needs to go do a work thing and he’ll be right back. What makes this sad is that Tasha clearly told her family about him, and she continuously understands when he has his moments.


Fast forward a few hours later, of course Lawrence never came back. He is chumming it up with his co-workers and flirting with the waitress when Tasha calls him.


So here is the part where I was shocked – not by Tasha’s reaction…but by his. He apologize about not returning, but he had no real remorse in his voice. He  told the TRUTH about where he was as if he didn’t really care how shitty it was he chose to stay at a work happy hour over his pseudo-girl’s family BBQ. Anyway, we all knew he never wanted that life, but the fact that he kept pretending it was is the crazy part.


Tasha finally snapped and read him on the spot.


You know what, you are worse than a f*$% N*&%@, you’re a f*$% N*&%@, that thinks he’s a good dude.


My thing is though, Tasha CLAIMED she knew they weren’t serious and was only mad because it was embarrassing he disappeared on her in front of her entire family but… I beg to differ. She had gotten too cosy and kept treating the relationship like it was serious, not to mention cardinal rule #15 – if it ain’t serious, don’t bring him home to the fam!! Hello? But in all honesty, Lawrence doesn’t care enough to be upset, I think this was the out he needed to start exploring single life.


Speaking of, the episode concludes with Issa finally catching a break (or making a really bad decision, I can’t tell). She has a bit of an Eat, Pray, Love moment where her frustration from a non-functioning vibrator motivates her to start painting over the burn spots in her kitchen.


As she’s washing her brush, she sees her neighbor Eddy out the window and thinks, “hmmm wait why not?” She takes her charger to his house pretending he might have left it behind during the party the other night and he bites, inviting her in. As they’re awkwardly chatting about Gossip Girl, Issa gives herself the mental encouragement she needs to make a move


Put your doubts to the side, get his ass in the bed, even if it’s wack you can still get some head, go for it, go for it, go, ho for it, ho for it, ho, do you want that d$@% or no? You better go for it, go for it, ho!


She makes her move, and despite smashing him in the face first, one thing leads to another. Even though she is still awkward, it doesn’t seem to matter in this case and her and Eddy do their thing. And just like she’s been wanting since her breakup, she gets hers and goes home feeling satisfied and good about herself. My only thing is…isn’t this a little too risky? Messing with your neighbor is like messing with a coworker or a friend, too close for comfort. I guess only time will tell.

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