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Insecure Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Hella Questions

  After last week’s total mind-boggling, jaw-dropping, record-scratching moment between Issa and Lawrence, it’s no surprise that season 2 episode 2 had Issa (and the rest of us) struggling with Hella Questions in its wake. It


After last week’s total mind-boggling, jaw-dropping, record-scratching moment between Issa and Lawrence, it’s no surprise that season 2 episode 2 had Issa (and the rest of us) struggling with Hella Questions in its wake. It was a jam-packed episode to say the least. Dealing with everything from the politics of the fresh break-up gray areas to the dreaded cyber stalking of the “new chick.” Not to mention both Issa and Molly realizing they have to face career challenges they weren’t prepared or necessarily know how to deal with.  But lets dive in shall we?


If you remember (as if you could forget…), last week we left Issa with a quiet hope that maybe, JUST maybe, she and Lawrence still had a dying chance in hell of reconciliation based on their unexpected angry couch sex  (which she aptly refers to as a “nebulous F*@%$”). However, we quickly join Issa on the emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty as she spends the majority of this episode trying to decipher where they stand.  With the persistence that only denial can provide and Molly’s bff support, she tries to interpret Lawrence’s every action (and non-action), avoids nightlife all together in case he takes her back, and even shows up at his crash-pad –but to no avail. It’s not until Kelli slips that he is dating a new girl that Issa goes into panic mode.  


She tried to appear mature, denouncing all cyber-stalking of said new chick, but we  knew it wouldn’t last long.

So I’m supposed to move on? Go high like Michelle Obama, well call me Lifetime ’cause I’m bringin the drama, oh he withchu now girl then why he come back? oh you puttin’ it down? then why my nani his snack? My new name Alanis cause the shit you oughta know I’ll do whatever to win, fuck going high I’m going low

Perhaps because we’ve all been there (a time or five) our hearts ached for Issa as she spiraled down the social media rabbit-hole of @tashmoney289, judging her thirst traps and trying to figure out what he saw in her or when it all started. Issa (the creator) herself has said in numerous interviews that Tasha’s character is one she is particularly protective of because of the way we women automatically want to attack the other woman when the issue is really with the man. This episode starts to explore that topic as well as the very real way social media can assist in the spiraling process. For Issa, it took her all the way to Tasha’s work-place parking lot, daydreaming about smacking her all the way back into last week until she finds out through Molly that Lawrence has officially proclaimed he is done with her.


Meanwhile, episode 2 confirms to me that leopards really can’t change their spots as they say since Lawrence shows us that he will never know how to just play the field. Now this may sound like a good thing – what’s wrong with a good guy who wants to be in a meaningful relationship? Well let’s look at it this way – Lawrence is hurt, confused, and probably still hasn’t fallen out of love with Issa, but he’s managed to rebound with Tasha while he figures it out –fair. However, Tasha, nor Lawrence for that matter, are admitting to themselves that Tasha is actually the rebound but instead treat the whole thing like a normal relationship –Tasha inviting him to her family’s BBQ and Lawrence feeling the need to confess that he hooked-up with his ex. #TeamLawrence may be cheering him on but poor Tasha may need all of #TeamIssa’s sympathy because it seems like she’s headed for a whole lot of drama she didn’t ask for while Lawrence is pretending to be in a relationship he doesn’t really want.


On Molly’s front, she continues to fight what seems like a losing battle at work where she desperately tries to prove to her white male boss (and probably to herself) that her hard work should merit rewards. We learn in her therapy sessions that she’s been fixated on a strict path for her life and the idea that things may not go as she planned is not an option. So when she realizes that the men in the office are headed to a company hockey game, she shows up in an attempt to join the proverbial “boys club” thinking it would give her an in with the boss and get her back on track to her life plans. But when she realizes she is still invisible to him the next day, Molly heeds her therapist’s advice and decides that maybe this isn’t the way things have to go… instead she offers up her services to a female partner in Chicago. Could this mean Molly might be leaving L.A.?


On the topic of careers, Issa is also faced with an odd moral dilemma this episode. Her ever-struggling “We Gotch Y’all” program is threating to be a success when Frieda points out the uncomfortable elephant in the room – the vice principal of the school (who is also the support behind We Gotch Y’all) is racist against the Latino students making inappropriate and offensive comments about their ethnicity/race. While (white) Frieda is the unwavering conscience who is willing to risk the program for morality-sake, Issa struggles to chose between ignoring the obvious to preserve her success or standing up for what she knows is right having us question “What would I do?”


This episode really left us with food for thought on several real topics as we left Issa and Molly trying to get used to some potential major changes – Issa attempting to move on from her five-year relationship and Molly moving on from the job she had cultivated and to which she had dedicated so many hours of her life. Well we hope we get some answers to all of our questions in next week’s episode!


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