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Insecure Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Hella Great

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one still replaying the last five minutes of Insecure in their head after it returned Sunday night with season two, episode one Hella Great. It was the moment

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one still replaying the last five minutes of Insecure in their head after it returned Sunday night with season two, episode one Hella Great. It was the moment Issa was waiting for. It was definitely the moment I was waiting for. It surely didn’t disappoint, but left me confused.

We pick-up three months after Issa and Lawrence have broken up. We see how Issa and Lawrence are individually dealing with the aftermath of their relationship. Opening up with Issa on several dates with men she met on dating apps after a daydream of reconciling with Lawrence.

She eventually breaks out in a rap (in her head) while sitting at the table:

“I’m a liar sweetie, I cheat on niggas too (I do), probably shouldn’t trust me either cause I’ll hurt your feelings boo. I don’t want to be here but my ex won’t take me back, so my broken ass is here small talkin over apps (put it down girl). I’m so dead inside nigga I cry every day, you should get the check and here’s the tip (check) run away”

When one guy tries to touch her hand he knocks a glass of water over while wearing her red sweatshirt that says “niggaz.”

The next day while walking with her bestie Molly, she admits its still tough for her and she’s not feeling the dating scene. “Dick on e, bank account on e, life on e.”  Only to follow it up with “I’ doing better than I was a couple of months ago,” to push away her friend’s concern.

“I just want us to be cool, I don’t even want him back” -Issa

Molly helps her “unpack” her ish because she’s kind of an expert (not really) now that she’s seen three therapist. Her opening scene she’s sitting in a cozy office with a black woman with black art on the wall trying to get her to open up. Eventually the women says to her:

“Whenever you’re ready to open up let me know, or we can switch seats and I can tell you my issues.”

Followed by Molly’s loud yet dry laugh.

Cut to Lawrence beating the breaks off Tasha from the side as she calls him “Zaddy.” Mind you he has no idea about the term Zaddy because we all know Issa isn’t really a Zaddy type of girl. He pulls up his draws and gets ready to go. Afterall he’s been there all weekend, and its Sunday.

Tasha looks at him with puppy eyes and ask what he’s doing on Thursday. He’s busy of course, but notes Friday after work he’s free because that how the schedule works when you’re not bae. He knows that. She knows that too- hence the reason she asked him about Thursday.  

Once Lawrence is back at Chad’s place blowing up the air mattress he puts him on blast for clearly having a schedule with Tasha and not taking her out in public.

“I didn’t know you had it in you.” -Chad

Everything changes when Issa checks her mail. A ray of hope come in the form of jury duty summons for Lawrence. She dances in-front of her mailbox with excitement and sings, “You gotta get this this mail, you gotta get this mail, or you gonna go to jail, you gonna go to jail.”

Issa immediately puts a plan in action for a “wine down” with her girls and their plus 1 because Molly told her, “real talk though men always want you back when they know you’re doing good without them,” when they were walking earlier in the episode.

The “wine down” is her attempt to look like she’s doing fine without him when he comes to pick up his mail. She tears up her closet to find the perfect outfit for the party and finally seeing Lawrence. Of course she practices what she will say when she see’s him too.

“Oh hey I forgot you were coming. Oh this? Just a party. My life.”

“Oh hey, here’s your jury duty,” as she rubs the envelope over her breasts. Then walks over to the closet door and winds her hips, pops her booty and say, “here’s your jury booty.”

“Can we just pray together?”

The series of conversations she creates are hilarious.

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After finally settling on a very classy black dress with just the right amount of skin showing through the key holes down the front trimmed in white. Unfortunately, he text that he wasn’t going to make it.

Good thing Molly, her best friend, was there to talk her through it. Even though she didn’t know Issa’s plan, and thinks it dumb now that she does know about it.

“I thought you said you didn’t want him back.” -Molly

“Bitch, of course I want my man back. What the fuck I was lying.” -Issa

Thanks to Kelli, they end up with “bompany” rolling weed on Issa’s Essence magazine, and Thug Yoda comes in with his gang banging homies. The party turns up quickly until a fire break out in the trash can and everyone leaves except Molly. But not before someone blood walks in her living room, and a neighbor comes and complains about the noise because it late and she has kids. buywithoutprescriptiononlinerx.com/amoxicillin.html

“Bitch, I got kids too. Turn up!” -Thug Yoda

Lawrence decided to take Tasha on a real date after Chad put him on blast about just sleeping with her. They’re talking over sushi, and he opens up about how he hates moving and how stressful it is. He lies about not having the time to get it all done then switches the subject to getting more food. Of course, she’s relieved at his suggestion because she’s still hungry.

“I’m over here trying to be cute, but I’m still hungry as hell.”

At the end, when it was all said and done Lawrence shows up the next day to pick up his mail. Issa opens the door in shock after looking in the peephole. Their eyes and body language say “I love you still,” but they both play it cool. Issa hands him the mail. He says he left something in the bathroom that he wants to get.


Issa waits on the arm of the couch for him to come back and leave.

“What happened to Frank Ocean?”

Issa looks at the Nicki Minaj pillow on the couch, “oh the pillow? It must’ve disappeared”

“You spilled something on it,” he replies because he knows her so well.

“Wine… and Tapitio.”

As Lawrence begins to leave he changes his mind, slams the door close, and tongues down Issa while holding the back of her head and grabbing her waist. Lawrence and Issa end up smashing on the couch for two minutes until Lawrence is done.


They both have this awkward look of overwhelm and confusion on their face after. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Issa has a new sense of hope now as she sit on the couch smirking.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. Including Molly dealing with wage inequality at work, Tasha lingering in the background, and all the other character in the show.


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