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Marketing Your Company – An Entrepreneur’s (New) Guide

Remember when I wrote about music artists giving their music away for free to gain followers who would then buy tickets to their concerts and become their marketers? Well, I’ve sort of become one of

Remember when I wrote about music artists giving their music away for free to gain followers who would then buy tickets to their concerts and become their marketers? Well, I’ve sort of become one of those followers. I began following a social media entrepreneur who gives stuff away for free: Mr. Ramit Sethi of GrowthLab.

An ad of his conveniently popped up in my Newsfeed on Facebook. (We all know FB collects data on our every move and interest.) I was a sucker and clicked on it. Mesmerizing video. Check. Handsome dude with beautiful background visual. Check. Substantive content. Ummm… I would wait and see about that one. The longer I listened the more I became convinced about that last criteria. This guy was worth my attention. So, I joined his e-mail list. (Did I say I was sucker for these types of gimmicks?) Immediately, I began to receive free material: PDFs, presentation,, videos, the whole works. The content was not only free but also detailed, and the equivalent to what a student might have to pay to learn at a university! I won’t overwhelm you with all the information he gave, but here’s an outline of his wisdom on today’s successful Digital Marketing Strategies followed by (you guessed it) a free PDF file with information on how to use that wisdom to your advantage as an entrepreneur:

  • Build an email list.
  • Create remarkable content.
  • Avoid generic sound bites, pictures and memes on social media while trying to engage your followers.
  • Use social media management software to schedule and automatically post content for you. (My favorite is Hootsuite. Sethi suggests Buffer and Edgar.)
  • Take more advantage of your “Thank You”! After a subscriber joins your e-mail list, use the “thank you” page to encourage them to share a tweet or Facebook post of whatever tweet or post  you’ve already embedded. buy bupropion online
  • Message your new email list about a free course or product you want to attract them with. They will more than likely share with other people who have the same interest. This will then encourage those new customers to sign-up to your e-mail list as well!
  • Make sure every post you put out encourages your readers to do something, such as commenting, sharing, or signing-up.
  • When using Facebook ads, pay attention to how much it costs to get ONE paying customer. Buy plus Viagra
  • Don’t wait to build a fancy website before driving traffic to it. Start with remarkable content and a simple design. buy Lipitor online
  • Create online partnerships to attract attention to your business by guest posting on other blogs or news sites. Include a coupon code for your product or service. (By the way, my editorial on Entrepreneurship and Innovation is open to guest writers.

Click here to become one.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

As you can see – if you got through the entire 72-page document – digital marketing takes WORK. Not working hard – just SMART. I’d be interested to see what effect Mr. Sethi’s insight and strategies will have on the overall population of entrepreneurs across the world who make use of the World Wide Web. The web is now highly over-saturated, but no one can deny that it always leaves room for innovation and is constantly changing with new trends. Let me know if you’re an entrepreneur and plan to employ Ramit Sethi’s strategies. I’ll be waiting for your comments/ testimonials at contactmutiyat@gmail.com. Buy Rimonabant online

Disclaimer: Applause Africa online is neither an official sponsor nor official endorser of Ramit Sethi or Growth Lab. This information, like all of our online content,  is provided as a free resource for consideration to all our readers.

Mutiyat Ade-Salu
Mutiyat Ade-Salu is the contributing editor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is also an actress, vocalist, writer, and budding entrepreneur. The playwright of Sunny Came Home and the creator of #FirstGenIAm, Miutiyat was named 2016’s Miss Black New York Coed. Follow her on Twitter @tiaadetweets.
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