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Is Blaxit Just a Joke?

A look at making Blaxit a reality and not just a punchline. It was a funny concept at first, but how funny really is it against a backdrop of police terror?

The interwebs have been howling over the possibility of Blaxit, a mass exodus of Black people from the US to [insert random made-up name here]. Folks are joking around about taking Jumbalaya and the Obamas, leaving Stacey Dash behind and not knowing exactly where to go. Great laughs, really. Meanwhile I’m sitting in the most populous and arguably most cosmopolitan African city with next to zero mosquito bites and access to Black-made, homegrown African products from organic vegan yogurt to high-end leather sandals, computers and automobiles.

Could we build much bigger, better republics on the Continent ?

We can howl all day about the Father of the Internet being a Black man, but how will we address the access of those who are sanctioning Black Genocide to the very minerals required for their hi-tech products in the heart of the Congo? Why are we only joking and threatening to leave when our Continent of origin is where gold comes from? Without which no currency has value. What is the joke my people? How many of us are actually willing to pack the bleep up and take all the intellectual property of our ancestors and build much bigger, better republics on the Continent to which we have a birthright? No doubt we’ll do a better job this time around assuming we won’t have to fight against lynchmobs and police terrorism. We’ll have a whole new set of issues, yes, but most of them pale in comparison to being hunted down like dogs in the street.


In Lagos, right now, there are hordes of twentysomethings and thirtysomethings who are making a fortune simply by building a new more-conscious republic. Even those who aren’t young millionaires have discovered that it is possible to survive and thrive in Africa. They’ve made their #blaxit already and they’re doing just fine.


There are tons of cities across the Continent that provide viable opportunities to thrive.


Despite the prevailing narrative of “one Africa” as “one country” where there is rampant violence and poverty, there are tons of cities across the Continent that provide viable opportunities to thrive and be alive.


How to Blaxit

Here are a few things to seriously consider if you’d like to leave the US before a forced exodus, or even if you’d like to spend more time outside of the country:


You have to get out of your comfort zone. Living in any new city will have it’s challenges. You have to be open to success that isn’t American.



In many of these stable urban metropolises, your basic idea could make you a billionaire (in local currency or USD). I know a guy who made a fortune just by bringing laundromats to Lagos. Laundromats!!!



Simply visit. Get a visa if you need one and visit an African city. Lagos, Nairobi, Accra, Lomé and Marrakech are relatively stable, beautiful and livable modern cities. If you’d like to be a little more off the grid, the Continent offers tons of options there too 😉  Ghana even has a Right to Abode program which makes it possible for non-Ghanaian citizens of African descent to gain permanent residency. Many have benefited from this program and are running thriving businesses in Ghana. White supremacists need not apply.


Please, please do not be fooled into thinking that Trump can not become president or that some other racist policy can’t force you to leave your American comfort zone. Make friends with an African today.


Disclaimer: This was written by a very privileged Brooklynite/Lagosian with almost 24-hour access to internet, food and clean water. However, I believe it is up to the privileged ones to spread the access a little further to the millions who are not by building institutions on the Continent that make this possible.


PS: Please note that some white people will follow us wherever we go. They are wired as such. The end.


Major props to Ulysses Burley III for coining the amazing term #Blaxit.

Kudos to Luvvie for the added hilarity.

Rest in peace to every single soul that has been executed and/or destroyed by Imperial Terrorism.



Lolade Siyonbola
Lolade is an author, techie and serial entrepreneur. She is an MA candidate at Yale University where she is pursuing research on immigration, cultural identity and social health.
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