My computer science class in secondary school was largely spent on social media sites (e.g., Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, etc.). However, I spent very little time learning how to code or other similar skills that could have been valuable to my classmates and myself. In the same vein, the use of technology and technology education across Africa is, to a large extent, still at its infancy. A study conducted by AT Kearney has shown that the mobile phone ecosystem in Africa has provided more than five million jobs and generated close to US$15 billion in government revenue in 2011 . It is therefore extremely likely that technology will play an important role in Africa realizing its potential.

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The theme of this year’s Africa Business Conference held at Harvard Business School in Cambridge, MA on February 27th to March 1, 2015 was “A More Inclusive Africa: The Pursuit of Progress for All”. The conference was organized into three main panel sessions each broken up into subsections based on industry, all of which had themes of inclusivity as a main talking point. The featured industries this year included entrepreneurship, finance, business and geopolitics, education and healthcare, infrastructure and resources and sports. 

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Africa is alive and well, and open for business. The continent now holds the fastest growing economies in the world, but still struggles to develop an infrastructure for its entrepreneurs. Why? Bank rates average 25%, loans are inaccessible, and coordinated resources are hard to come by, leaving the continent’s businesses, over 99% of which are SMEs, underbanked and unable to access the tools they need to evolve. To combat this, Ingressive has created a resource pipeline to thoroughly vet, represent, build and connect high-growth businesses with international resources and impact opportunities. Come find out what it’s like to be an African entrepreneur, international investor, and legal and auditing firm connecting Western businesses with Sub-Saharan opportunities. We demystify the African entrepreneur’s experience, show you just how easy it is to cross borders for business, and introduce you to the Silicon Valleys of the Sub-Saharan.
The global gathering of some of the world’s most powerful and influential political, business and academic leaders in the now famous Switzerland town of Davos, opens last week with the formidable presence of Nigerian businessmen, including Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote of the Dangote Group; banker turned serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and champion of Africapitalism, Chairman of Heirs Holdings, Tony Elumelu, as well as Wale Tinubu, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Oando Group, in attendance.

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African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka on Friday, January 16 expressed optimism that 2015 holds an opportunity for the African continent to achieve progress in economic growth depending on the political will of African Governments. “It will depend on the policy stance of the countries, and the choices that they make or do not make,” he said.

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The Africa Business Club, a Member of Student Clubs of HBS, Inc., Announces the 17th Annual Africa Business Conference at Harvard Business School
The Africa Business Club, a Member of Student Clubs of HBS, Inc., announced the 17th Annual Africa Business Conference to be held at Harvard Business School. The event will be held from Friday 27th February to Sunday 1st March, 2015.
The conference is the world’s largest student-run event focused on business in Africa, bringing together preeminent keynote speakers, expert panelists, and nearly 1,500 passionate students and professionals from across the globe to discuss and debate important African business and leadership topics. This year’s conference will continue the tradition of professional networking with inspirational leaders, thought-provoking talks, and an enriching experience for all the attendees. The conference will culminate with the annual conference gala at a new location, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston’s historic waterfront district, followed by an after-party featuring a world-famous musical performer. 

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This competition of ideas is sponsored by the Carol and Lawrence Zicklin Center at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, in collaboration with the World Bank. Check out our knowledge share website for the latest information on the competition and exchange of ideas among participants.
Register for the competition here.

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World leading innovative, and fashionable portable charger Puku is set to announce a brand new multi-year partnership with Victoria's Secret as the official charger for the brands inaugural London Fashion Show this December.

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Proving that in New York City you can find interesting opportunities almost anywhere,  Esosa and Abiodun,  co-founders of Cosign, met while riding in a busy subway car in city. The two struck up a conversation about retail technology and mobile app building.  What later spawned from that chat is truly enterprising. Biodun came from an engineering background and worked at Startups in NYC, while Esosa worked in finance for Citigroup for many years. 

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Parents are considered by many to be the best teachers. In the case of Meck Khalfan they were certainly the best examples and motivators. As members of the Chagga of Tanzania, Khalfan explains that they were great business people. His father was a mechanic while his mother ran a clothing business. As he grew, he observed both his parents and their respective approaches to work. His dad was reliable and did his work thoroughly without cutting corners, while his mother used a variety of sources to stock her clothing business.

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