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World leading innovative, and fashionable portable charger Puku is set to announce a brand new multi-year partnership with Victoria's Secret as the official charger for the brands inaugural London Fashion Show this December.

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Proving that in New York City you can find interesting opportunities almost anywhere,  Esosa and Abiodun,  co-founders of Cosign, met while riding in a busy subway car in city. The two struck up a conversation about retail technology and mobile app building.  What later spawned from that chat is truly enterprising. Biodun came from an engineering background and worked at Startups in NYC, while Esosa worked in finance for Citigroup for many years. 

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Parents are considered by many to be the best teachers. In the case of Meck Khalfan they were certainly the best examples and motivators. As members of the Chagga of Tanzania, Khalfan explains that they were great business people. His father was a mechanic while his mother ran a clothing business. As he grew, he observed both his parents and their respective approaches to work. His dad was reliable and did his work thoroughly without cutting corners, while his mother used a variety of sources to stock her clothing business.

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As an internationally acclaimed architect and innovator, how has visiting 52 African capital cities helped inspire creativity within your work?
The project opened me up to the realization that in dealing with the community, I was incorporating the notions of history, place and patterns. Returning to Africa, I realized that is how I think of geography: it is more than just a school text book; it is really the phenomenon of place, or the way in which it conditions communities, cities, and societies that in turn form a place. When you move around a lot, you start to realize how explicitly those geographies inform the ways of cities and places. There is a very primary geography in Africa and it was surprising that the diverse cultures of the Continent don’t always recognize this. It is very clear in Africa, how neighboring cultures are so different from one another. These things –history, place and patterns—are a very important part of the matrix.

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Born out of tiphub’s mission to support innovation in Africa and the African Diaspora, Diaspora Demo Days serves to highlight high growth and high impact technology and social entrepreneurs that are passionate about Africa. Diaspora Demo bridges the disconnect of the growing pools of capital dedicated to impact developing economies of Africa, Diaspora communities large remittance streams, and the startup technology and social innovators that are in the missing middle.

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With a commitment to boost electricity supply in Nigeria, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the Federal Government are on track to restore uninterrupted power supply to Nigerians and to complete ongoing independent power projects spread across the country.

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RACINE, Wis.Oct. 8, 2014 - For billions of people around the world the threat of a malaria infection is an everyday reality. To help reduce disease in these rural areas, today SC Johnson announced the expansion of WOW™, a business concept that creates access to pest control products that can help prevent malaria in at-risk populations at the base of the pyramid (BoP), as well as home-cleaning and personal care products valued by rural consumers. WOW™ is now available in the Yilo Krobo District of Ghana, and features new and improved product options.

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Chinedu Enekwe is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of tiphub a start-up accelerator and business consultancy in Washington, DC. Tiphub provides seed funding, strategic mentorship, entrepreneurship-focused business training; and directly supports the start-ups it works with. Tiphub was a community partner at the inaugural African Spotlight - a program aimed at highlighting the achievement of African youth leaders and serve as inspiration for others in Washington, DC.
While startup cities are just emerging, there are smart and sophisticated steps being taken to develop healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems across the African continent. African countries continue to throw off their post-colonial cloak to become the world’s fastest-growing group of economies. The catalysts for much of this explosive growth are the mobile phone and the internet. According to analyst ABI, in 2012, 76.4 per cent of Africans owned a mobile phone; that’s 821 million out of a population of more than a billion people. this mobile penetration rate almost certainly surpassed 80 per cent in 2013. This revolution has created extraordinary opportunities. This has created new possibilities for African talent to start any project of their dreams.

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