Smaller businesses, especially those in developing and transition economies, are losing out on the benefits of the information economy, UNCTAD 's annual update of its dataset on the enterprise use of information and communication technology (ICT) shows.

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Climate change threatens to undo decades of earnest effort to develop Africa unless sufficient investment can be mobilized to spur sustainable development and make the continent more resilient.

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I was born in Nigeria, in Edo State while my mother was enrolled in law school, obtaining her second degree. She describes a difficult birth (something she reminds me of constantly, especially when I sass her), in part secondary to an ongoing strike at the local teaching hospital. This was made especially more dramatic as my father, who was on an oil rig as a young engineer, was not contactable. But the drama passed and, thank God, we are all here today. But that is the backdrop of my life, lawyer and engineer parents. And what did I choose as my profession? That’s right, medicine. 

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TUNIS-BELVEDERE, Tunisia - Africa's pharmaceutical industry has great potential for boosting economic growth and creating jobs. Given current sustained and rapid economic growth, the African pharmaceutical industry, like that of other emerging markets, is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years. “Pharmerging markets” across the world show the potential for rapid growth in the industry. In the past five years China's pharmaceutical industry grew 20%, Russia's 14%, India's 11% and Brazil's 7%.

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When he arrived in the USA in the 1990’s, Papa K. Diagne had no idea that he would become a popular chef or a well-known restaurateur. His focus was earning a living and at the beginning this plan included work in a shoe store.


NAIROBI, Kenya and JOHANNESBURGMay 16, 2014/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the opening of two new Mainframe Cloud Innovation Centers as it seeks to extend its commitment to delivering high capacity technology solutions to Africa.

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By Alhassan Y. Babalwaiz

Ghana would soon become the first in Sub-Saharan Africa to explore the international waters for natural resources by extending the limits of her continental shelf beyond the 200 nautical miles— after her application gets approved by the UN General Assembly on the margins of the annual meeting of world leaders in September this year.

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Born Free USA and C4ADS have released "Ivory's Curse: The Militarization and Professionalization of Poaching in Africa," one of the most shocking, rigorous and in-depth analyses of elephant poaching and the ivory trade to date. The report examines links to violent militias, organized crime, government corruption, and ivory trade to Asia. It further exposes the widespread transnational illicit participants deeply interwoven into the system that moves ivory. The full report is available at

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On Saturday, 12th April, ARK Consortium, a group of firms with a common interest in Human Resource Management, Recruitment, and Training in Ghana, held their 1st “Career Preparation & Advancement Workshop”. The workshop began with a meet and greet session where facilitators Yasmin Boama, Genevieve Puni, and Rita Kusi welcomed students, working class professionals, and HR Professionals inside the Pra Hall of Holiday Inn Accra. Immediately following the welcome session was an interactive PowerPoint presentation on CV building and interview preparation. Workshop attendees also had the chance to participate in group activities and gained insight on the general public’s perception regarding career development and its impact on employment in Ghana.

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New York, NY - The fun, funky Nae Nae dance sensation has hit a note with entrepreneur Nene (pronounced Nae Nae) Marks, 42, founder of Nene's Secret ethnic hair care, and inspired the mom of four to chime in with a women empowerment YouTube dance video.

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