in Art & Culture by AA Editor
Umu Igbo Unite’s theme for this year’s 11th annual convention, NEW GENERATION, NEW VIEWS, BUILDING BRIDGES TOGETHER will focus on the new ideas, views and bridges we… Read more

Segal Family Foundation partners with outstanding…

in Change Maker by AA Editor
Segal Family Foundation’s Annual Partners Meeting returns to the New York area after being hosted in Tanzania in 2014. This gathering is an opportunity for Segal Family… Read more

Segal Family Foundation Honors Leaders in African…

in Features by AA Editor
Segal Family Foundation (SFF) will host more than 200 of its partners and friends to celebrate the work of the more than 180 African non-governmental organizations… Read more

What Mark Henegan Of Madiba Resturant can Teach us

in Art & Culture by Yayne Hailu
From the moment I walked through the doors, the vibrant energy of the room was inescapable. To the right, a sleek bar with friendly bartenders and a menagerie of liquors… Read more

Expert provides Brand Strategies for African Business…

in Features by Raoul Davis, CEO, The Ascendant Group Ascendant Group.
Recently I attended a marketing boot camp and met a very talented CEO from Nigeria. He expressed some of the challenges he had growing his brand. Reach was never the… Read more

The Dangers of Discriminating Against Girls in STEM

in Innovation by Young African MBA [ YAM Perspectives ]
The Cowbell Mathematics Completion is one that many passionate Nigerian math geniuses cite as the pinnacle of their secondary school experience. It’s an annual math… Read more

Nigeria is Possible

in Features by Kányinsọ́lá Ọbáyàn
A few days ago, power changed hands here. We have a new president. General MuhammaduBuhari. He has promised a newly transformed Nigeria for Nigerians. A Nigeria that we… Read more

Africa Needs All of Us

in Innovation by Kányinsọ́lá Ọbáyàn
As a Nigerian PhD student in the humanities, I am often confronted with a myriad of facial expressions, ranging from confusion to sheer disbelief and wonder, when I tell… Read more


in Art & Culture by Shakira Atitebi
On May 23, 2015, Frances Udukwu beat 17 other contestants to receive her crown as the first Miss Nigeria USA. The 25 year old competed for the tittle in front full a… Read more

Nigeria Renewed Optimism and the Role of Catalytic…

in Features by Faith Abiodun
Here is the summary: before the 28th of March 2015, Nigerians could be classified as an unhappy and distressed group of people. This was not just a passing wave of… Read more

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