Building young African leaders! Obama rename the Young…

in Features by AA Editor
This morning, the President participated in a town hall with 500 exceptional young people who participated in the inaugural Washington Fellowship for Young African… Read more

President Obama Renames Africa Leadership Program As…

in Magazine by Michael Ikotun
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama welcomed the inaugural class of young African leaders to Washington Monday, drawing cheers as he announced their program is… Read more

Kwasi Enin Grabs Exceptional Excellence Award 2014

in Features by Alhassan Y. Babalwaiz
New York—Even before he hits the ground studying at Yale next fall to be become a physician, Kwasi Enin has just won the Exceptional Education Excellence Award for 2014… Read more

Fantasia: Vlisco’s New Collection Dares You To Be Different

in Features by Michael Ikotun
This season, Vlisco is inspiring women to bend, shake and break the rules of fashion and create edgy new statements– to unleash their inner spirit and dazzle the world.… Read more

Abducted Nigerian schoolgirls not forgotten, UN chief…

in Magazine by Michael Ikotun
NEW YORK, 23 July 2014 - Marking 100 days since the brazen abduction of schoolgirls in Chibok, Nigeria, by Boko Haram terrorists, United Nations Secretary-General Ban… Read more

Dr. Jacques: His Courage. His conviction. His story.

in Change Maker by Debo Folorunsho
Dr. Jacques Sebisaho grew up on an island called Idjwi, belonging to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is the second largest inland island in Africa, and the… Read more

NADIA BUARI Stands Out For All The Right Reasons

in Art & Culture by Divine Muragijimana
Nadia Buari is a Ghanaian actress, philanthropist and an enterprising business woman. She has consistently stayed above her contemporaries in the film industry not just… Read more

Who’s Afraid of Post-Feminism?

in Features by Ololade Siyonbola
In Nigeria, feminists are women who are angry because they could not find a husband. They are women who hold picket signs and burn bras and never marry. They hate men.… Read more

David Adjaye Blesses Applause Africa Summer Cover

in Magazine by Robert Bernstein
As the world ruminates on the 270 plus girls taken hostage in the north of Nigeria, some quarters of the mass media seems to utilize the situation to reinforce and… Read more

Google Doodle celebrates 96th birthday of Nelson Mandela…

in Magazine by Michael Ikotun
To speak of Nelson Mandela in mortal terms is trying to eclipse the shadow of a person who showed that it was easier to rebuild a nation using love and peace rather than… Read more

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